Materials of Construction



Most of the experiments on the mechanical physical and chemical properties of materials are being carried out in the Materials of Construction Laboratory. These consist of tests on conventional constructional construction materials both for research and development studies. These include the tests on concrete, timber , cement, construction steel, pipes, etc. The latter are directed to the improvement of the properties of conventional materials and development of new materials and test techniques.



The experimental research studies on materials are carried out in the Materials of Construction Laboratory that covers a total closed area of 600 m2 consisting of rooms for materials storage, specimen preparation, curing, etc. The facilities and equipments are summarized below:

-A 2 ton capacity mobile crane for the transportation of large specimens.

-200 tons universal testing machines for compressive and flexural strength determinations.

-A standard concrete curing room (T=23 ±l.7 C, RH lOO±5%).

-Extensometer , Charpy pendulum, dial gauges; and other mechanical testing equipment.

-Concrete core drilling machine.

Concrete test hammers and ultrasonic concrete tester for non destructive quality control.

-Equipment such as autoclave, calorimeter , Blaine apparatus, etc. for the determination of physical and chemical properties of cements.

-Equipment such as air-meter, slump test set etc. for the determination of various properties of fresh concrete.

-Concrete mixers, molds, sieve sets, Los Angeles abrasion machine, furnaces, and other equipment.