History of Department

Gazi University Civil Engineering Department's history dates back to the mid-sixties. The structure, which was formed by the merging of the private engineering-architecture schools that started education in those years and then connected to the Ankara State Engineering and Architecture Academy, was incorporated into Gazi University in 1982 and continues its education in the Civil Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering.

The aim of the education and training program of the Department of Civil Engineering is to enable students to gain basic knowledge about civil engineering, develop their creative thinking power, and acquire research, design, planning and application skills. Like this; Gazi University graduates who think, can improve themselves, can analyze and synthesize, are researchers, have developed social aspects, and are beneficial to their country and society will be raised. The educational process aims to transfer this information in the direction where students can use this information correctly and think freely and scientifically, rather than uploading information.

In order to meet today's engineering education requirements, the quality improvement process in the department's education program was transformed into a systematic and permanent accreditation process in 2002 and the civil engineering education program was renewed. As a result of the studies and the evaluation process carried out by the Engineering Education Programs Evaluation and Accreditation Association (MÜDEK), the Department of Civil Engineering has the EUR-ACE (European Accreditation of Engineering Programmes) accreditation, which is accepted as one of the indicators of the quality of engineering programs in Europe. Evaluation and accreditation of the department by MÜDEK continues with uninterrupted quality improvement studies.

Gazi University Civil Engineering Department offers three separate undergraduate programs: partial English undergraduate program, English undergraduate program, and Montana State University international joint undergraduate program. At least thirty per cent of the courses in the partial English program are conducted in English. The language of instruction for the other two programs is English. Among the students who have won the department, those whose English is not sufficient continue their education after a one-year preparatory program. In the Montana State University international joint undergraduate program, the first semester is at Gazi University, and the second semester is in the USA. In this program, the first and third years are studied at Gazi University, and the second and fourth years are studied in the USA.

In partial English and English undergraduate programs, students take basic science courses, engineering mechanics and informatics courses that will be required for their engineering education in the first two years of their undergraduate education. In the third and fourth years, courses related to construction, hydraulics, transportation and geotechnical disciplines of civil engineering education are observed. With the non-technical elective courses in the final year, students have the chance to increase their knowledge on subjects they are curious about besides engineering education.

Students who complete their first year of the Civil Engineering Department students can benefit from Erasmus student mobility within the framework of bilateral agreements. In this framework, the duration of the activity is between 3 and 12 months. In addition, successful students with a double major second-degree program at the Faculty of Engineering can receive a bachelor's degree from another department close to Civil Engineering, if they wish, during their undergraduate education.

The Civil Engineering Department, located in Gazi University's Maltepe campus, has building mechanics, building materials, transportation, soil mechanics, geology/rock mechanics and hydraulic laboratories, and computer, physics and chemistry laboratories. Undergraduate education is supported by experimental studies conducted in these laboratories. In addition, many projects supported by TUBITAK, Gazi University, Public Institutions and Private Organizations are carried out at the graduate level in the laboratories of the department.

In the Civil Engineering department, graduate and doctorate programs are carried out under the roof of Gazi University Institute of Science and Technology. Master's and doctoral students, who work with faculty members who have completed their doctoral studies at universities in Turkey or abroad, contribute to science in the national and international arena with their studies in the fields of theoretical, experimental or computational engineering. In addition, Gazi University Civil Engineering Department also plays a role in training faculty members to meet the needs of faculty members of other universities. As part of various assignments, research assistants who receive postgraduate education in the department return to their own universities after completing their education and continue their teaching and research activities.

Graduates of the department are involved in the planning, design and construction stages of a wide variety of engineering systems, in public institutions and the private sector, in Turkey and abroad. Gazi University Department of Civil Engineering aims to train its students as qualified and virtuous civil engineers who can take responsibility in their professional lives and listen to their conscience.


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