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Gazi University / Montana State University Civil Engineering DUAL DEGREE programme

Our Department has the MÜDEK acreditation according to “Washington Accord Signatory


Civil Engineering Department of Gazi University is a department that has been developing quite fast in the last years. The chief objective of the Department is to give the best civil engineering education both in graduate and undergraduate levels. In the departmant, there are four laboratories where recent research projects have been going on with great successes. There is a one year preparatory school of english language before starting to the education in our Civil Engineering Department in which at least %30 of undergraduate courses are being given in english language.

The graduates of our Department have proved their successes with either academic or professional works. Our graduates who have been accepted with their proud achievements in govermental and private sectors, serve their best to Turkey and to humanity with full conscious.

Additionally, in abroad at the academic level, there is an increasing trend in the success of our Department. The success in the important applied research projects of university-industry coorparations carry the Department to top levels together with increasing responsibilities.

Dear Youth, in our Department, you will find a perfect social, educational and academic atmosphere that you would share the feeling to be a special person and understand better the meaning of the phrase “to be a person from Gazi University is a privilege”. 

n this Web Site, you can find all the information regarding our Department. Join us to feel the privilege being in one of the top educational atmosphere.


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