Practical Geology and Rock Mechanics Laboratory


Applied Geology and Rock Mechanics Laboratory is located on the ground floor of Engineering Faculty of Gazi University. Experiments for the mechanical, chemical and physical properties of rocks are carried out in this laboratory. Then these properties of rocks are explained to the students practically.

Research projects, studies for the needs of the industry and experimental studies within the courses are carried out in the laboratory.

  • The main tests conducted are listed below.
  • Determination of Water Content,
  • Determination of grain size distribution (for rocks),
  • Determination of Unit Weight (for rocks),
  • Unconfined Compression Test (for rocks),
  • Triaxial Compression Test (for rocks),
  • Water Absorption (for rocks),
  • Water Resistance (for rocks),
  • Impact Resistance (for rocks),
  • Frost Resistance (for rocks),
  • Point Loading Test (for rocks),
  • Brazilian (Indirect Tensile) Test (for rocks)


Applied Geology and Rock Mechanics Laboratory is used within the scope below courses:

  • Geology for Civil Engineers (Bachelor),
  • Principles of Rock Mechanics (Bachelor/Master),
  • Geotechnical Studies (Master),
  • Environmental Geology (Master),
  • Groundwater Pollution (Master)

Laboratory Supervisor: Instructor Aydın GÖKÇE.

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